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her new album has 3 standout tracks Space + XXXO + It takes a Muscle!

Chemical Brothers
Swoon (Boys Noize Summer Mix)

Somehow the brothers keep working it out. Put the album on, let it play.

Scissor Sisters

again whole album = great pop music!

Scala & Kolacny Brothers

the world should revolve around me


I caught a cab on Saturday. And then it caught a Toyota!

(notice both airbags deployed)

And in that split second as my wasted life flashed before my eyes, all I could think was "I should have blogged more!" So here we go....

The Wideboys take Little Jackie's catchy spring anthem to the clubs. Reminds me of Scumfrog vs Crystal Gayle - My Time.

Little Jackie - The World Should Revolve Around Me (Wide Boys Club Mix)

Download MP3

dj rc - my wheelhouse


Here's the sound to your summer mixed by yours truly! Its over 2 hours long, features scads of fantastic producers & summer anthems and most importantly I threw in not 1 but 2 Will Smith samples. Actor Will Smith not Prince Will Smith.


Live Stream:

DJ RC - My Wheelhouse Part 1
DJ RC - My Wheelhouse Part 2

Download (192K/158MB) version:

DJ RC - My Wheelhouse via Zippyshare

Download (320K/263MB) version:

DJ RC - My Wheelhouse via Hotfile

Michael Woods - I Said
Bobby Fukwit - 80's Ladies
Mark Knight & Dity South - Stopover
Daltonic - Kiss of Rain (Conan Liquid Vocal Mix)
Prok & Fitch, Nanchang Nancy - Walk With Me
Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You (Bingo Players Remix)
Hermanez - Soms
Filthy Rich - Arumba
Stefano Noferini - Burujava (Original Vibes Mix)
Down Right Rude - Sofia
Oliver Giacomotto and Dj Tonio - V1ru5
Bobby Fukwit - Will Smith is My Co-Pilot P1
Koen Grovenfeld - 1981
Soneec and Belocca - Bla Bla
Sonic Revolution & Dill - Hey Baby , Hey Crazy (Club Mix)
Tim Sanchez - Can U Feel It (Dj Chick Crazy Mix)
Noir Westboy - She's Got My Heart
The Black Project - In the Disco
Costello - Girls Speak Louder (Donique Remix)
Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice 2010 (Lazy Rich Dub Mix)
Oliver Twizt - Gangsterdam (Nom De Strip Remix)
Joan Reyes - Shakedown (Bass Kleph Remix)
Dan Curtin - Mr. Bean Do An E (Dj Madskillz Remix)
Claude VonStroke & Bootsy Collins - Greasy Beat (dop Remix)
Joeysuki - Down to Earth
Marshall aka Luigi Rocca -The Words Of Wine
Mendo - Madrugada
Mathew Dear & Seth Troxler - Hurt (Martinez Dark Soul Remix)
Bobby Fukwit - Will Smith is My Co-Pilot P2
Berlin Express - 4:08 To Paris (Tiger Stripes Remix)

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Good Intentions Paving Company


JoJo is a harpy penis. I mean a harpist / pianist. Shes got lady parts. And did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?

Joanna Newsom - Good Intentions Paving Company

PS My new summer house mix will be up shortly! And sh*t goddamn it clocks in at 2 HOURS!

Gorillaz – Stylo (Featuring Bobby Womack & Mos Def)


More trouble for EMI, this time with Gorillaz big hit Stylo from their new album "Plastic Beach". Eddy Grant and his lawyers claim there are "substantive similarities" between Stylo and his 1983 song Time Warp. See more HERE. seems to think it's a rip. Check it out HERE.

Eddy Grant says "Damon Albarn knows in his heart of hearts – it's unfortunate that we cant get into people's hearts – he knows that this is a song that he's loved, in his club days… I don't know the guy… but he knows this is a song he loves." It's up to the respective lawyers now. The 62-year-old Grant is so pissed that he decided to re-release Time Warp digitally online for your downloading pleasure. Regardless, Gorillaz "Plastic Beach" album has been lauded by critics.

Ok Go – This Too Shall Pass (RGM Version)


OK Go just recently parted ways with EMI to start its very own independent record label, Paracadute (Italian for "parachute"), 'cause they weren't happy with EMI's decision to not allow embedding of the band's videos online. This as their latest video "This Too Shall Pass" was, like, totally going viral...

The band's no stranger to viral videos. Their 2006 music video for "Here it Goes Again," featuring choreographed dancing on treadmills, has been seen almost 50 million times and is in the top-50 most-watched videos on YouTube ever. See HERE.

"The numbers are shocking: When EMI disabled the embedding feature, views of our treadmill video dropped 90 percent, from about 10,000 per day to just over 1,000," frontman Damian Kulash wrote in an op-ed in The New York Times earlier this year. "Our last royalty statement from the label, which covered six months of streams, shows a whopping $27.77 credit to our account."

So on January 12th, 2010, the first video for the song "This Too Shall Pass" (the Marching Band version) was released [about 1.5 million views as I write – not too shabby!]. On March 1st, 2010, the second video for the song was released (the Rube Goldberg Machine version)... [and this version got – Martha get off the phone, you're gonna wanna hear this – almost 9.5 million views, as I write.].

OK Go singer-songwriter-guitarist Damian Kulash says that they view videos not as a potential source of income, but rather as another creative outlet.

"This is all sort of part of the creative project for us," he says. "I mean, the animating passion for us is to get up and chase down our craziest ideas, and sometimes those are filmic, and sometimes they're purely sounds."

For the L.A.-based, Chitown-rooted band's latest viral video "This Too Shall Pass", they assembled a team of dozens of engineers to construct a set; more than 60 takes were needed to get everything working just right during filming. Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, the California Insitute Of Technology and gadget firm Syyn Labs helped build 'the ultimate Rube Goldberg machine'.

London's Daily Mail sadly noted that "OK Go's latest album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, from which This Too Shall Pass is taken, has sold just 25,000 copies since its release two months ago."

Feel bad? Don't, they're consummate artists, currently toiling away on creating a new video for the song "End Love" from the same above-mentioned album. Also, perhaps you can can give them your disposable cash when they perform at The Mod Club in T.O. Friday, April 23, 2010.

Vampire Weekend – Diplomat's Song


Sources say Ezra Koenig (pictured above) was raised in New Jersey, son of a therapist mother and movie set supervisor father. Apparently the band has suffered a bit of a backlash in the past for their apparent upper-crust upbringing (loafers-wearing, Columbia University-attending "white boys"). Koenig took the band's "whiteness" to task, reminding everyone that "the two main writers in the band are Jewish and Persian, which is a pretty broad definition of 'whiteness.'"

Rostam Batmanglij, keyboardist/guitarist/backing vocalist, and who recently "came out" to much publicity, just addressed the issue of the band's last album sounding like Paul Simon's Graceland album:
"We actually met Paul Simon and I asked him if he thought our record sounded like Graceland," says Batmanglij. "He said no. He said there was like a West African feeling to a lot of the guitars. But he said there was a punk element that he had never chosen to pursue. It was very cool that he could have that perspective to describe things so objectively."
Also, of note: Vampire Weekend has performed on Saturday Night Live TWICE in as many years, which is quite a feat for such a young band! See Jorma Taccone from The Lonely Island (TLI) dancing it up as the band performs on SNL (HERE).

Vampire Weekend – Diplomat's Son

Future Islands – Beach Foam


Future Islands? Future Shock! As far as I can tell, it appears to be a trio based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Basic instruments used: Synth keyboards, Drum machine and bass guitar. One source described their style as "minimalist dancepunk, pop, lo-fi, post wave". The lead singer is Sam Herring and his voice is striking: sometimes it's gruff as he belts out some poignant refrain, at other times it's euphonious, even plaintive. Future Islands will move you. Beach Foam is from their 2008 album "Wave Like Home". I'm looking forward to their upcoming album "In Evening Air" (comes out on May 4). And they're in my hometown June 7th. Tickets go on sale in three weeks!

Future Islands - Beach Foam