fan death


Fan Death is a super duper Vancouver lady duo who will surely be bringing us some A-list material in 2010. Or so the blogs and papers would like us to believe. With all the hype behind these two, I had to wonder if it was warranted. So I put my detective hat, monocle, and cape on, called my trusted sidekick and started building a case. After many hours of intensive private eying, I managed to not only decipher their MySpace page but also managed to uncover why they name themselves so: Apparently South Korean's are afraid of being left alone at night with their fans in a closed room. Pay dirt! Obviously these two ladies identify with just such a scenario. Fortunately for them they are touring with Vampire Weekend now and can afford security. Case solved!

Free MP3 Download: "Reunited (Ghost Hunter Remix)" via Rcrdlbl

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